Are You Masking?

benefits of masks and skincare in Mequon

At Aspen Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic in Mequon, we work to provide our clients with the latest skincare technologies both at our clinic and at home. One of the latest skincare products to skyrocket in popularity is masks. Though they’re by no means new to the skincare industry, masks have recently become the hottest product to treat a variety of skin concerns. Here are a few of the greatest benefits to masking.

Replenish and moisturize the skin

We recently blogged about the importance of hydration and its effect on your skin’s health. Environmental factors take quite the toll on our skin, and masks are a fantastic way to help boost the levels of moisture in your skin and provide essential vitamins. Sheet masks are a great way to keep your skin hydrated, as they lock in moisture. Well hydrated skin will also take on makeup much better, while providing a more naturally youthful appearance.

Soothe compromised skin

Just as the environment can take its toll on the amount of moisture in your skin, it can also do a fair amount of damage. Whether you’ve been in harsh outdoor conditions or have just had a more intensive facial treatment, masks are a wonderful way to calm and soothe your skin. It doesn’t hurt they’re relaxing, too!


We all want clear skin, and masks can help achieve that. For concerns like hyper-pigmentation to uneven tone and texture, masks provide super results. The key is consistent use of a treatment targeted towards your particular concern.

Promote anti-aging

The best wrinkle is the one you never get, right? Certain masks contain ingredients that promote anti-aging by helping to boost collagen production and fight off free radical damage. Loose skin can cause one to look older than they are, and regular use of masks can help you get firmer, fresher looking skin.

Want to learn more about the benefits of masking? Visit Aspen Medical Aesthetics in Mequon to speak with a mask skincare specialist! We’ll help you achieve the youthful, glowing appearance you desire.