Are You Ready To Reveal Smooth Skin?

laser hair removal treatment specials in Milwaukee

We’re (still) waiting for the warmer weather to arrive, and at Aspen we’re doing more than just wishing. We’re helping people throughout Milwaukee get smoother, sexier skin with the help of our state-of-the-art laser hair removal treatments.

Throughout the month of April, we’re offering fantastic savings on some of our most popular packages – perfect for beach season!

Exclusive laser hair removal savings

Advanced Bikini – Reg: $1,650 / SALE: $660
Chest – Reg: $1,705 / SALE: $682
Lower Legs – Reg: $1,980 / SALE: $792
Underarm – Reg: $577 / SALE: $232
Brazilian – Reg: $1,870 / SALE: $748

Upper Lip – Reg: $467 / SALE: $187
Chin – Reg: $467 / SALE: $187
Upper Lip + Chin – Reg: $687 / SALE: $275
Navel to Bikini – Reg: $550 / SALE: $220
Full Back + Neck – Reg: $2,970 / SALE: $1,188

Each of our laser hair removal packages includes six treatments. Our state-of-the-art LightSheer Duet laser system is the most advanced available, so you’re guaranteed to get the best results possible. Our experienced team of laser technicians will help you achieve the hair free skin you desire!

Give us a call at 262.241.2273 today to pre-purchase any of these packages at special pricing! But don’t wait…these deals are only valid through April 30th, 2016!

Not familiar with laser hair removal? Here’s why now is a good time.

During the hair removal process, our lasers seek out and “kill” the hair follicle. Over a series of several sessions, the hair thins and eventually stops growing. Results will vary from patient to patient, but the best results will be seen when the skin has the least amount of pigment. The laser uses the contrast between the hair and skin color to find the follicle. That’s why we always recommend having your treatments done during the winter or early spring, before a summer glow!

If you’re not sure whether laser hair removal is right for you, we’d be happy to schedule a complimentary consultation to help you further understand the process. Feel free to call us at 262.241.2273 to schedule an appointment!