Turn Back Time with Fractora at Aspen

Fractora is a device that uses bipolar, fractional radio frequency to improve the skin. Over the last decade or so, we’ve learn that fractional treatment is essentially a way of doing pinpoint injuries (or heating of the skin) in certain areas, that can produce rapid healing. These incredibly safe, non-invasive treatments can penetrate more deeply into the skin, leading to better results in fewer visits.

That’s exactly what Fractora does – it has an array of tiny needles that press into the skin at different depths creating zones of thermal heating. Over time, these zones heal with the normal skin around them, causing collagen to increase. This helps to improve the skin’s tone and texture.

Who is Fractora for?

Though the benefits to this innovative treatment are many, Fractora is best for those who would like to look refreshed without having to utilize more invasive and complicated options. Nowadays there are fewer people looking for traditional aesthetic procedures (or plastic surgery) and more who desire minimally invasive treatments with little to no downtime. Fractora is a fantastic option if you want to look less tired, more youthful, and overall more refreshed.

What happens during the treatment?

Prior to the treatment, a topical anesthetic would be applied to numb the skin. The doctor will zone off the treatment area into workable pieces. The treatment does take a fair amount of time, as the goal is to hit all surfaces. There are a number of levels available, and the doctor will select the proper one depending on the goal of the treatment.

What can you expect post-treatment?

Due to the nature of the Fractora treatment, there will be a lot of warmth in the skin. We often recommend ice packs to cool the skin as well as light moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated. There will be a bit of redness, depending on your skin, but it will go down fairly quickly.

If you’re looking for a treatment that will address texture, tone, wrinkles, acne scars, and tightening, Fractora may be a fantastic option. Contact the experts at Aspen Medical Aesthetics & Laser Clinic in Mequon by calling 262.241.2273 to learn more about this unique treatment.