Aspen Wellness Program

Take the holistic approach to look and feel your best.

Have you met with a traditional medical practitioner and felt all the focus was on treating sickness instead of helping you have a long and healthy life? Significant advances are occurring almost daily in the science of longevity and yet this knowledge has been slow to be adopted by traditional medical practitioners.

For example, are you aware that a large percentage of adults in the northern half of the United States have levels of Vitamin D that are lower than recommended? Recent studies have shown lower levels of this vitamin correlate with higher cardiovascular and cancer risk.

And did you know that cholesterol is a precursor of the sex hormones? We all try to decrease our cholesterol to reduce the risk of heart disease, many of us take statin medications for this purpose. It is affecting your testosterone level? And did you know that people on statins have 40% reduced levels of Coenzyme Q10 and should be supplemented with this compound?

Given the complex and evolving science surrounding longevity, we believe there is a need for an intelligent and reasonable approach to improving wellness for our clients. We are happy to announce Aspen Medical Aesthetics offers a holistic health wellness program for men and women. This program includes a comprehensive survey, clinical and lab assessment each year, and results in a personalized proactive wellness plan for each individual patient. The program has been modeled from an extensive literature review including recommendations from the American Academy for Anti Aging Medicine and the Life Extension Foundation.

The eight pillars of Aspen's Wellness Program include:

We have partnered with Dynacare and ZRT Laboratories and MD Custom RX compounding pharmacy to provide expert capabilities in both diagnostics and therapeutics. Additional partners are available for those interested in pursuing affiliated specialized programs in nutritional counseling, weight loss, exercise and personal training, and sleep evaluation.

Aspen has designed the program to provide high quality and sensible wellness recommendations that match each individual’s specific needs. You can depend on us to help monitor your progress and improve your status each step of the way. We’re eager to begin helping our clients achieve their wellness and longevity goals. Look for more information about this exciting new offering in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Aspen Wellness Program?

We have found that traditional medicine tends to focus on people that are sick, and we wanted to offer a program that keeps people well. So we created a program that begins with an annual preventative medicine evaluation, including a survey of factors that impact health and wellness, history and physical exam, risk factor analysis and counseling, and results in a customized care plan for our clients so they an optimize their wellness.

What types of topics are covered in the evaluation?

Core health status, nutrition, hormone balance, dietary supplements, sleep and stress, exercise, and skin care.

Is the evaluation covered by insurance?

Most health insurance plans provide coverage for one annual preventative medicine exam. Aspen does not process insurance claims or guarantee coverage, but we can provide you with a Record of Services Provided, including ICD and CPT codes, so that you can file a claim wit your insurance carrier.

Do you perform blood work at Aspen?

We have established a partnership with Dynacare labs, conveniently located a block from our clinic. Dynacare is an accredited lab and will draw blood and process any needed tests.

Do you provide hormone therapy?

Based on you evaluation and lab work, if indicated we can prescribe bio-identical hormone therapy for our patients. We collaborate with our partner MD Custom RX to prescribe a customized approach and carefully monitor the results.

What about nutritional supplements?

We take a reasonable and pragmatic approach to the use of supplements based on review of the medical literature and the recommendations of the American Academy for Anti Aging Medicine and the Life Extension Foundation.